4moms mamaRoo Review


MamarooYou hear all the time from parents how bouncers and swings are a total lifesaver. A little baby oasis where you can place your little one to be soothed while you get some downtime, or get some stuff done.

There are some pretty good swings and bouncers out there for sure, but the 4moms Mamaroo has got em’ all beat!

What makes the mamaRoo different?

What makes the 4moms Mamaroo so great is its natural movements. Other swings and bouncers make the claim of having natural motions, but when you think about it, parents don’t swing back and forth like a baby swing – or vibrate like a bouncy seat.

The natural movement a parent makes is a swaying motion. And that is what the mamaRoo does to a MUCH better degree.

When 4moms set out to engineer the mamaRoo, they actually put motion sensors on moms and dads to measure the way they moved to comfort their babies.

While of course there is no specific, universal motion parents make or that work all the time on a baby. But there are some common motions that 4moms found to work and put five of them in their design.

5 Unique Motions

These five motions can be varied in speed so you have lots of options for testing to find that motion and speed that works best to soothe or entertain your baby.

Check out this video demonstration that shows you the various motions you can use.


5 speeds and 5 motions to choose from.

5 nature sounds and MP3 plug in capability.

No batteries needed – just plug it in.

Locking adjustable bar that allows the cradle to be positioned anywhere from laying down to sitting upright.

Seating belt is adjustable and secure.

Easy to use LCD display and buttons

Removable and washable nylon seat.

Mobile with 3 stuffed and designed balls.

A reliable, safe sturdy construction.

Easy to assemble.


The maximum upright position is almost too upright and seems like a danger for the baby falling forward – recommend not using it at that setting..

Sound quality of the speakers isn’t that great

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