6 Must-Have Baby Bathing Products


Baby BathtubIt goes without saying that you need to keep your baby clean and upkeep their personal hygiene. They aren’t going to clean themselves!

There are lots of baby bathing products out there, but here are the must have bath-time items.

Baby Bath Tub

First up is the baby bath tub. A baby bath tub provides safety for your baby to prevent slipping and provides overall security from bathing mishaps.  Baby tubs are compact and easily portable because they are made of lightweight plastic, so you use them just about anywhere. Some are made to be used over a sink, while others are used with inside a regular bathtub.

Baby Shampoo and Baby Wash 

You have to be super diligent when choosing baby shampoo and baby wash. Baby’s skin are much more sensitive than ours and are prone to irritation. I’d recommend buying natural baby cleansing products made specifically for babies. These are usually tear free by default, but its always good to double check.

Nail Clippers

It is important to keep nails in check so that and right after a bath is a perfect time to trim little nails when the baby is calm and the nails are soft.

Cleansing Sponge & Towel

Find yourself a suitable sponge made for babies and a clean, dry towel. Hooded towels are ideal for wrapping up your baby from head to toe.

Spout/Faucet Cover

Beyond what you need for baby cleaning, you need to make sure everything is safe. Spout guards come in a variety of styles and themes to not only keep your baby safe, but also to amuse.


A thermometer is always a nice safety measure for testing the water temperature. A good average warmth to shoot for is around 37 degrees C or 98 degrees F. BabyCenter website recommends bath water that is between 90 and 100 degrees F

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