7 Nursery Items You’ll Need (Besides The Crib)


Nursery-Changing-Table-213x300Wondering what nursery items you will need?

Okay, so a Baby Crib goes without saying. Here’s a list of some other things you’ll want for your baby nursery.

Rocker, Glider or Comfy Chair

Your going to need a spot to sit and nurse your baby. Don’t just look for a glider / chair that looks pretty with your set-up, try to find something comfortable. You’ll thank yourself later during those late, middle of the night times you will be nursing your little one (just try not to snooze of yourself).

Organization Units

It’s very easy to have your nursery room become cluttered with baby stuff. Make things easy on yourself and set up an area of your nursery dedicated to organization of all your items. I recommend you get yourself a storage unit with some open baskets, each with their own separate storage of toys, burp clothes and other common items.

Changing Table and Diaper Pail

Set up an area of the room for a changing table, or a dresser used as a changing table along with a diaper pail right beside it. With the heavy amount of diaper changing you will be doing you’ll definitely want a diaper pail to contain the odor and make the task less irksome.

Baby Fan

Not only will a fan offer some breezy comfort on hot and humid days, but they will also provide a secondary purpose – white noise. This will help lull your baby to sleep and mask other noises that may disturb.

Bouncer Seat

Having a nice bouncer seat is nice to have as a spot to put your baby while you clean up, fold clothes or whatever. Bouncers won’t take up too much room so will be easily accommodated in a nursery set-up. Sometimes your baby will want to hang out in something different than the some flat crib bed. Plus, bouncers more comfortably cradle your baby and mimic motions in the womb to calm him or her.

Nursery Rug

A nursery rug isn’t just for decorative purposes. You’ll want a nice, soft rug for your baby to crawl, roll and play on as he or she grows older. And also for a cushion for those inevitable baby tumbles and fumbles.

Night light

Having a night light is more for the benefit of the parent than the baby. Great for those late nights when you need to comfort your baby and won’t have to turn the lights on (which may upset your baby) just to avoid stubbing your toe on something.

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