7 Products To Help Calm Fussy Babies


Calm-Baby-Sleeping-374x200At one point or another, and many another times after that, your baby will become irritable and fussy.

Fortunately there are ways to help solve this problem for even the fussiest of babies by using baby products that will help soothe and calm your baby when they get their fuss on.

#1 The Pacifer

There is a reason people have been using baby pacifiers for hundreds of years. It’ll chill your baby out.

Ever since the original “pacifier” which was actually a corn cob that was discovered to soothe and calm a young baby in the 1680s England, pacifiers have been a hit. True story. Definitely a must-have item on your soothing baby products checklist.



#2 Calming Ointments

There are a variety of baby ointments available that contain ingredients like vanilla and scents such as lavender, all known for their calming effects. When it is close to bedtime use your calming baby lotion to help your baby sleep while also keeping their skin moisturized through the night.

Calming Lotions


#3 Baby Swing and/or Bouncer

Swaddling your baby is one of the best ways to calm your baby. There are many great bouncers and swings out there to choose from, all with their different features, benefits and themes. I’d recommend the 4moms mamaRoo – a baby swing carefully designed to mimic a parent’s swaddling motions.

Bouncer and Swing


#4 Swaddling Blanket

A swaddling blanket that wraps around your baby has a great calming effect on your baby. Soft fabric wings hug baby close and securely which comforts most babies and reminds them of being inside the womb.

Swaddling Blankets


#5 Use a calming sound.

Being inside the womb is very noisy for a baby – all your digestive sounds and what have you get loud in there – so they are not used to quiet. Having an ambient, light sound can do wonders to soothe and calm your baby. A fan will do. You can also use a Sound Machine, a soother or light music.

Sound Machine and Fan

#6 Slumber Bear / Sheep

The Bear comes with a sound box with four lullabies, plus white noise, ocean waves and womb sounds to soothe your baby. Recordable function allows parents to create their own soothing message or baby’s favorite sound. Winner of a number of industry awards, the Sleep Sheep offers four soothing sounds including the Mother’s Heartbeat.

Bear and Sheep


#7 Discomfort Relief

It may be that your baby is experiencing gas, teething, skin irritation or some other body discomfort. If after trying to burp your baby they are still having discomfort they may have excessive gas. If need be Babies Magic Tea and Little Remedies Tummys Gas Relief Drops can work magic. For teething discomfort, Sophie the Giraffe is the best.

Herbal Remedies for Babies

These calming baby products are sure to save you some headache and long hours of the night so you won’t lose all your beauty rest.


  1. Eva

    Thank you for the advice, right now we are using the swing and the baby magic tea, we are so happy that our little one is not fussy anymore

  2. Angela Cameron

    Babies magic tea did really work. My baby was very fussy and we were trying to soothe him, when we started with this product, my baby and I both are relax

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