Angelcare 4 Piece Baby Video Sound and Movement Baby Monitor System Ac1100


Angelcare-Ac11001Angelcare is a company that is well known for their quality baby monitoring products.

The Angelcare Baby Movement and Sound Monitor is one of their top selling products that thousands of parents love for helping them ease the fears that come along with leaving their baby by themselves.

For moms and pops who need even more assurance, the Angelcare AC1100 Video Sound and Movement Baby Monitor offers all that you could ever ask for – monitoring of sound, movement AND video.

For some, sound and movement monitoring isn’t quite enough. Many won’t be satisfied until they can SEE with their own eyes that their baby is okay. This often results in frequent middle-of-the-night checkups when things become “too quiet” on sound monitors.

This check up may alleviate fear and anxiety for the parent, but may disturb the baby when they are trying to sleep (not to mention disturbing the parent’s sleep after having to nurse little one back to sleep!).

What You’ll Love About the Angelcare 4 Piece Baby Video Sound and Movement Baby Monitor System

Angelcare 4 Piece Baby Video Sound and Movement Baby MonitorThe best benefit of this baby monitor system is its motion sensing pad, which you simply place underneath the mattress of the crib. This will monitor the slightest of movements of your baby through their breathing and sound an alarm if no movement is detected. This feature will definitely help you sleep better at night!

The second best thing about this monitor is its video monitoring system. A modest 2.75” screen but you’ll love the video zoom capability which allows you to remotely change the camera view in and out without having to squint for clarity. It also has a night vision feature (infrared camera) to make it easier to see and more reliable.

This monitor also comes with a “2-way talk-back” feature which is a wonderful benefit – not only can you hear the sounds of your baby but you can use the monitor like a walkie-talkie to reassure your baby with your voice from another room.

Ever worry about whether it is too warm or too cold for your baby? The Angelcare AC1100 baby monitor has a handy temperature monitoring system as well which will display the temperature in the baby’s room and alert you if it is is below or above your desired temperature.

If you worry about the monitor malfunctioning and accurately monitoring your baby, you’ll be glad to know that it has features that let you know everything is working proper. By turning on the audio “Tic” Feature the monitor will make a ticking sound to reassure you that the monitor is working. It also has an out-of range indicator and of course, a low-battery indicator.

Complaints Made By Parents

There have been some parents that aren’t too thrilled with this baby monitor. Some reviews complain about the video quality, saying the resolution isn’t all that great compared to other video monitors. These reviewers say a bigger screen and a higher resolution settings for the monitor are warranted for such a high price.

Another issue you might run into is false alarms, which can happen if your baby rolls around a lot. This is because the sensor will only work when your baby is directly on the pad. Although this is something you must be willing to deal with if you want to monitor your baby’s movement. Most would say it is better to have a movement monitor with false alarms than to have no movement monitor at all.

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