Baby Beach Gear


beach gearHypoallergenic Baby Sunblock

The first thing you should concern yourself with when going to the beach with your baby is protecting them from the sun.

Babies skin are super sensitive and the last thing you want is for your baby to get sunburned, so stock up on some strong sunblock for babies. But remember that if your baby is under six months old, he or she should not be wearing sunscreen.

Sun Protective Clothing

A great extra layer of protection against the sun for your baby are sun protective swim rompers and sun hats. Not only will these clothing items add extra protection, but you can find some that are cute as heck. swim shoes are also a must, these will protect your baby’s feet from the hot sand and any debri laying around on the beach. Sunglasses are also great items to protect your baby’s eyes from the bright daylight.

Sun Protective Baby Beach Tent

Baby tents offer a place of shelter for your baby from the hot sun when they need a break. Or if they want to take a nap, it provides a safe UV protective zone. Baby tents are made to be well ventilated and easy to set up, store and transport. Schylling Infant UV Play Shadeoffers the highest UPF rating available at 50+ UPF.

Diapers Made For Swimming

There are both disposable and reusable swim diapers available so you don’t have to worry about anything “unseemly” popping up out of the water.

Baby Spring Float Activity Center

This will give your baby a chance to safely enjoy a nice swim. The Baby Spring Float Activity Centeris an awesome baby beach gear item that you and your baby will love. It will keep your baby afloat in the water safely, with several small tethered toys for fun and a UV protective canopy.

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