Baby Clothing 101 | How Do I Dress My Baby?


How do I dress my baby

Baby clothes are just so cute aren’t they? They are so small and just adorable.  I think you’d have to have a heart of stone to not love them.  The moment I learned I was pregnant I was considering what clothes I would buy my new baby.

I would caution new parents not to go too crazy buying the super cute newborn clothes.  This is for a few reasons: first, new babies grow notoriously fast.  Some newborns do not wear newborn clothes at all, but start in size 0-3 months.

Second, if the families are anything like mine, there will be no need, as my mother bought more clothes than my child could ever wear.  Lastly, if you are finding out the babies gender or not, consider some unisex clothes, ultrasounds can be interpreted incorrectly my first daughter, was supposed to be a boy.

You will need a few onesies. These are baby body suits that can serve as tee shirts or undershirts.  The can be long or short sleeved depending on the weather.

Hospitals do provide onesies for use in the hospital and usually let you take them home.  A lot of families choose to have a special outfit for coming home, this is one of the few items that I saved.

Sleep and play outfits are also a good thing to have on hand.  I prefer the zipper ones as there seems to be a hundred snaps to match up and especially at night it never seems to work, or when the baby is squirming around zippers make the job much quicker.

Baby pajamas should be snug fitting for safety reasons, I prefer ones that are footless.  They can fit a quickly growing baby longer than footed ones.

Baby outfits are adorable and almost irresistible but somewhat impractical.  Infants really don’t need a lot of outfits.  They need to be comfortable not necessarily well dressed.  Nearly all baby clothes are adorable- outfits or not.

In the winter elastic waist pants are fabulous.  Babies grow really quickly and their tummies especially! Elastic waist clothes can help accommodate the quickly growing babies.  I love Hanna Andersson moccasin socks, they are warm and hard for little fingers to pull off.  They are also washable, which is very important.

turtle shirtOne important safety thing to remember is that infants should not wear coats in their car seats.

There should be nothing in between the baby and the car seat, with the exception of a fleece thickness jacket.  If you opt for a car seat cover, chose one that is a shower cap style, not one that goes between the baby and the seat.

One item that you will need is a hat.  Babies are used to being kept warm inside mama, so learning to control their own temperature can take some time

For the first six months of life babies should not wear sunblock.  Instead they should avoid direct sunlight for extended period of times.  If your baby needs to be in the sun a wide brim hat and uv rated clothing are good choices.

Hats are best if they have a strap, my children were experts at pulling them off, the straps were helpful in keeping the hat on for more than ten minutes.

If these are not possible double check with your pediatrician about using sunscreen.  Again, there are lots of summer clothes on the market for babies, but most often my little ones wore onesies with shorts.

If you go swimming you’ll need swim diapers, these can be disposable or cloth.  There are infant swimsuits, but they are not necessary. Be sure that your baby does not get too cold in the water, they cannot stay warm as easily as adults can.

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