Baby Furniture & Setting Up Your Baby Nursery


baby furnitureNurseries are one of the ways that parents can prepare for their new arrivals.  Often it is an area of focus for new parents. Many hours are spent planning and considering the perfect environment for their new baby.  Lots of money is spent on purchasing the perfect furniture, décor, and accessories for their baby’s room.

Mothers in particular, can become very involved in choosing he ideal setting to bring her baby home too.  Especially, during the final part of pregnancy when nesting instincts kit in, working on the nursery can become something that women are preoccupied with.

What is needed for infants is considerably less than baby furniture stores will tell parents.  When my first baby came home we did not even have a nursery for her, we had a bassinet for her- which she rarely slept in.  She primarily slept with me, even from infancy she was a cuddle bug.

There does need to be a place for your infant to lay down safely.  For the first three months of an infant’s life babies are not mobile so there is a wider variety of options available.  Bassinets, cribs, cradles, and co-sleepers are all viable options.

After the baby is able to roll over, sit up, pull up, and even stand there needs to be a safe option.  Most often this ends up being a crib.  Safety standards for cribs vary from country to country, some countries ban drop side cribs (like the US), others have even more stringent safety standards.

Double check that your crib adheres to the to safety standards in your area.

Nurseries also typically have a diaper changing table.  Infants need diaper changes.  They go to their bathroom a lot.  There are changing tables that are specifically designed for this purpose.

Typically, they have ample storage for diapering accessories, creams, lotions, extra wipes, extra diapers etc. If there are space constraints or financial limitations parents can opt to put a changing pad on a dresser.

AnimalsMoreover, there is no rule against changing a diaper on a bed or the floor, just use a changing pad to protect whatever surface you are using.

On the diapering subject parents need a place to put the dirty diapers.  Fair warning: stinky diapers can be really very stinky this means that sometimes, the best thing to do is to just take them right out of the house immediately.

For less stinky ones systems like the Diaper Genie can be really helpful at containing the odor.  Again, these are not necessary, but can be pretty nice to have.  If you opt to use cloth diapers, using essential oil in your diaper pail can help reduce the odor as well.

We had 2 diaper pails when we were using cloth diapers, one was in the bathroom for rinsed dirty ones, and another one in the bedroom for just wet ones.

Another nice thing to have in the nursery is a comfy chair for reading to your baby, snuggling with, or feeding your infant.  There are several options from big cushy gliders to standard rockers and dozens of other options.

I prefer chairs with a lot of padding as they provide a comfy place to care for your infant in the middle of the night when they need cuddles.

Another thing that is helpful is a foot rest- it may not seem important at the outset but you may be spending considerable time on that chair, a foot rest adds to your comfortable position options.

Consider getting a chair that you can use in the rest of your house once your baby is older so you don’t waste the money on a chair you use for a few years.  Also, get it stain protected, and make sure you can wash the covers.  Babies are messy.  Drinks spill.

I like to have a table next to the chair in the nursery as it allows me to put my book on it or a book that I am reading to my child. I can also put my water or whatever else I need right there at arm’s reach. It can be very frustrating to sit down get comfortable and then not be able to get something you need.

Another nursery item that you may need is a baby monitor.  There are video and audio ones available. My friends swear by the video ones, but I have never had one.  I did just fine with an audio monitor.

It made it easier to be aware of when my baby woke up in the morning or from naps without having to sit right outside the door.

The video ones are great because you can see how your baby is doing; is she just fussing in her sleep? Did she throw up? Is she stuck? These monitors are more expensive but may be worth it for your peace of mind.

Baby retailers tell new parents that they need hundreds of dollars’ worth of furniture and accessories- while parents can certainly elect to spend that money there if they choose, they should not feel obligated to.

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