Baby Shower Ideas For The New Parent


Baby showers have become the cultural norm for welcoming a family’s first baby.  Planning and coordinating a shower is a lot of work.  There are games, favors, gifts, food and beverage to plan all of which is expensive and time consuming. Below are some ideas:


Fun Baby Shower Games and Activities

If you want to play ‘guess the melted candy bar in the diaper’ game that is great but there are some other activities that are less known (and maybe less gross) that celebrate the mother as well as the baby.  One of which is making a beaded bracelet.  When the invitations go out the hostess requests that each of the guests bring two beads and a scripture quote or some words of wisdom to share with the mother to be.

When all of the guests have arrived each takes a turn sharing her quote with the mother to be- the guest keeps one bead and gives the other to the mom to be.  Then the hostess winds string around each guest’s wrist and the mother-to-be’s wrist; to remind everyone that we are all as one.

Each guest is then given a length of string and several extra beads to make a bracelet or necklace with including the extra bead of the pair that she shared.  The mother-to-be makes a bracelet or necklace incorporating all of the beads she has been given as well.

Each guest and the mother wear their new accessories until the arrival of the baby.  As a reminder to the guests to think of and pray for the expectant mother and as a reminder to the mother that so many women are thinking of her and praying for her- that she is not in this alone.

A more common game or activity is making onseies for the new baby.  This one is a lot simpler.  Each guest is given a plain white onsie and fabric paint or in the summer tie dye (for the brave!).  She is then free to design a onsie for the new addition.  Don’t worry about having too many onsies- you go through a ton of them; alternatively, you can make them in different sizes.

Favors For the Baby Shower

One of the hardest things to come up with when hosting any type of party, is favors.  One trend for baby showers has recently been personalized candy jars (with or without personalized candy in them).

These can be ordered online or you can get crafty and make your own.  There are a ton of websites from which to choose from and it seems just as many price points to work with.  But when it gets down to it they appear to be basically a glass jar with candy or almonds with cute sticker on the lid.  A lot of them seem patterned after the old fashioned candy jars that one would see in candy shops but what really says ‘baby’ more than baby food jars?

So why not make you own? Add a little bit of your own flair to the favor.   Save baby food jars (if you have a baby eating baby food), commission your friends to save some, or head to Hobby Lobby and buy them.  You can wrap the lid in baby themed fabric and a ribbon; cute but not over the top.

Then there is the candy for the jar.  Personalized? Plain?  Special Colors? Candy or nuts? M&Ms or Jelly Bellies?  In my not so humble opinion, I would stay away from nuts, in the treat world they seem to be rather polarizing as well as have a potential for allergies.  While you may know the name and gender of the new baby, I would stay away from personalizing the favors in the baby’s name- parents change their minds at last minute and ultrasounds can be interpreted wrong.

Even within a particular kind or favor there are so many variations to make it unique to the expectant mother and event.  You can make it as fancy as you want or as basic as you want.  The options and combinations are limitless.

There is Pinterest to use as a resource now as well.  There are tons of ideas on there.  Make sure to do a trial run of them before diving in full-fledged or risk ending up on a “Fails of Pinterest” blog.

Having a baby is a huge milestone for men and women.  There is really no way to understate it.  However, all of the excitement can be focused on the baby, not the parents.  They deserve celebrating too! It’s their baby! So make sure that the shower is about them as well as the baby.

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