BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Review


BabyBjronWhen you’re on the hunt for a baby carrier, there are so many options and so many types of carriers to choose from!

The BABYBJÖRN baby carrier is one of the best selling carriers on Amazon and is a great choice to consider.

The BabyBjorn Original carrier is simple and easy to use, and this simplicity does not take away from its safety and security.

The easy two-piece design allows you to place your baby inside effortlessly without any assistance.

And the smart safety click feature lets you know you have done it right. Thanks to colored buckles and the smart safety click, it’s very hard to fasten this baby carrier incorrectly.

If you do run into any problems though, the carrier comes with crystal clear instructions on how you should insert your baby. Once in the carrier, your baby is totally secure,  both your hands are free and you can do some adjustment if necessary.

The Perfect Carrier for Newborns


Most of the advantages of this carrier are best with newborns and babies under 15 pounds (or approx. 0-6 months of age). The carrier is designed to carry a baby up to 25 pounds, however most parents start complaining about back strain around the 15 pound mark.

If you plan on using this strictly for your newborn than this is an awesome carrier to own. All of the benefits of owning a Bjorn carrier shine when your baby is less than 15 pounds. Easy to use, lightweight, comfortable and stylish.

Once your baby gains some neck control around 4 months of age you can start using the face out position so your baby can explore the world and their surroundings. Compared to other carriers the Bjorn’s head support is fantastic. The head support can be adjusted to cradle your baby’s head and can fold down for forward facing.

Unlike a lot of carriers, this one is designed to fit your baby right from birth, no additional purchase of an insert required.
About BABYBJÖRN– A family-owned company headquartered in Sweden, BABYBJÖRN has been producing innovative childcare products since 1961. Today, BABYBJÖRN works with an international network of pediatricians to develop products that reflect its core philosophy of quality, safety, and style.

BABYBJÖRN ensures the quality of each of its products by scrupulously overseeing every stage of the design and manufacturing process. Safety is also guaranteed through rigorous screening by industrial designers, testing institutes, and medical experts. This exacting attention to detail has earned BABYBJÖRN international recognition for its success in creating products that balance usability with style.

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