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There are tons of websites offering numerous baby spoons; however, it is often difficult to determine which the best baby spoons are. The number one element for selecting baby items is safety and the next on the list is quality. It is a good idea to browse a little bit to weigh the pros and cons before deciding upon a purchase.


Munchkin offers a 6 count set of brightly, rainbow colored soft tip infant spoons. The company also has a 12 or 18 count set available and all are in an array of colors. The baby spoons are made from soft phthalate and BPA plastic. The delicate bowls or each spoon is rounded to ensure it is gentle on baby’s gums. The handles are designed for comfort grip and holding while being the perfect length for baby food jars. They are top rack, dishwasher safe.  These baby spoons are best for babies 3 months and older.


Munchkin White Hot

These Munchkin feeding spoons feature a patented system that causes the tip to turn white when baby’s food is too hot to eat. This is about 110 degrees Fahrenheit or 43.3 degrees C and above. The spoon bowls are tapered to fit comfortably into tiny mouths. These baby spoons are dishwasher safe and created with extra-long handles for easy highchair feeding. They are also phthalate and BPA free. The Munchkin White Hot baby spoons are intended for babies 3 months or older.

Dr. Brown’s

Dr. Brown’s designed to Nourish Spatula baby spoons are unique as well as fun. The handles are easy grip and extra-long in order to reach to the bottom of the deepest baby food jars. The spatula edge assists parents in wiping food away from baby’s mouth. Each set includes 4 brightly colored feeding spoons which are top rack only dish washer safe. They are PBA free and ideal for infants who are 6 months and older.



OXO baby spoons are great for feeding babies 6 months and older. There are 2 spoons in a set and the sets are offered in green, aqua, or pink. All spoons have soft, white plastic handles which are perfectly angled and contoured to fit into baby’s mouth. The base is created from durable stainless steel. The bowls of the baby spoons are covered in a soft silicone which is PVC, PBA, and phthalate free. OXO baby feeding spoons are dish washer safe on the top rack only. These spoons will grow with baby into his/her toddler years.


OXO on the Go

The OXO on the Go baby spoon is great for busy moms and dads. The silicone tip is extremely soft on baby’s gums and slightly flattened at the end to gentle scare food away. The spoon bowl is beveled enough for scooping, yet shallow enough to form comfortable bites. The handle is gently contoured for convenient feeding. The baby spoon includes a compact carry case that is a perfect fit for any diaper bag.



Nuby hot safe spoons make a wonderful shower gift for the soon to be mom. Each spoon is designed with a soft bite, hot safe tip to ensure that it is gentle enough for baby’s delicate mouth. The hot safe feature means the bowl of the spoon changes colors, if it is too hot. This is about 110 degrees Fahrenheit or 43 degrees Celsius. The handles are created with easy grip technology making feeding time fun and simple. These spoons provide a super soft, lightweight feeding utensil for baby.



BEABA first stage baby spoons are specially designed for babies who are being introduced to their first solid foods. The handles are ergonomically created so parents my easily grip them at feeding time. All of these baby spoons are made of Phthalate, lead, and BPA free, hygienic grade silicone. The silicone is ultra-soft for baby’s gums and the spoons are dishwasher safe. The color schemes are called Gipsy1, Sorbet/gipsy, and Latte/pastels. Each set includes 4 spoons and every one is a hue from the rainbow.

Mud Pie Classic Keepsake

The Mud Pie Classic Keepsake baby spoon is a great gift idea and keepsake. The spoons are vintage Victorian style and silver plated. The spoon bowl is delicately sized just right for baby’s mouth. Each beautiful baby spoon’s handle has been pre-stamped with the phrase Love U. It is also packaged on a vintage style card with a pink satin ribbon for a baby girl and blue for a baby boy.


Reed & Barton Safari

Reed & Barton has been designing these beautiful keepsakes since 1824. This silver plated baby flatware set comes complete with a baby fork, baby spoon, and feeding spoon. This is a timeless and whimsical gift that is sure to be treasured by both mom to be and baby. Each features a parrot, a monkey, and a giraffe respectively. The set is easily cleaned with mild soap and water. Silver polish may be used for that extra shine. The baby spoon comes with a lifetime warranty.


Elegant Baby

This lovely baby spoon is made from sterling silver in the United States. The handle is bent for a firm grip and easy feeding times. This little spoon is a very unique shower gift that mom to be will treasure for many years to come. The sterling silver handle is suitable for initial engraving for that one of a kind individuality.



All of the Krysaliis creations are carefully designed in-house. This delicate and timelessly simple baby spoon is made from .925 sterling silver. It presents an elegant shower gift that shows thought and consideration. The overall length is 4 ½ inches with an adorable teddy bear on the end of the handle. This feeding spoon is beautifully packaged in a stylish gift box. It is suitable for specialized engraving. This shining star was designed with the soon to be mom in mind.


Stephan Baby Spoon

This gracefully styled Stephan baby spoon is silver plated for elegance. It is 3 ½ inches in length with ¾ inch bended handle for easy gripping. It includes a gorgeous gift box that is satin lined. This delicate treasure is sure to create a cherished heirloom for the entire family. The non-tarnish finish may be easily polished with a soft, dry cloth. Stephan has been designing heartwarming keepsakes since 1987. All of their unique gifts have been CPSIA approved and tested.

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