Best foldable bathtub for newborn


When I was standing before the question which baby bathtub should I buy, I set these following features that a perfect baby bathtub should possess:



Compactness (foldable)

Easy to wash

Fine material

Easy to operate

Affordability (up to 70 USD)


All these features are included in Stokke Flexi Bath along with ergonomic shape-designed support pad Stokke Flexi Bath Newborn Support.

The support pad with the bath is designed to able to use for newborn up to 6 month baby and then the bath will serve alone for a baby up to 4 years. This is awesome that one baby bath will serve you until your baby will be able to have a bath in a big basin under parental supervision.

The support pad can be easily attached to the bath by simple locking into that makes the operation very simple. The support pad´s ergonomic shape is well-designed in order to support baby and keeps it in its natural position also keeps the baby above the water line.

Design and used materials are first quality at first glance. The material that is the bath and the support pad made of is easy to wash. Harmlessness of the material used for a baby is natural thing.

The bath expands its volume when filled up with water. Draining of the bath eases pull-out plug that tightly fits to the surface of the bath and the water pressure on it ensures that is leak-proof. Due to this feature is draining more comfortable and it makes less mess.

Among other qualities belongs the possibility to fold the bath and store it when not needed so it saves room. You will certainly appreciate this feature when traveling with baby.

It is available in following colors: white, blue, pink or transparent.

Also mostly positive ratings on the internet indicate that this is simply useful and functional baby bathtub.

This bathtub is avaible on amazon for the best price.

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