Best Sellers & Most Popular Baby Products of 2014

If you’re trying to get your hands on the most popular and widely used products by parents, below are some of the most popular baby products that were best sellers in 2014. Some of these products are repeat best sellers from 2013! Any one of these items would make a fantastic gift for a new parent for a baby shower or birthday.
Best Selling Baby Products

1. Boon Lawn Countertop Drying Rack 

This Lawn Countertop Drying Rack made by Boon is one stylish and beautifully designed drying rack. It works like any other great drying rack, and of course is BPA-free, Phthalate-free, and PVC-free – no harmful toxins to worry about just drying some nipples and bottles ;)

Boon Lawn Countertop Drying Rack


2. Infant Optics Digital Video Baby Monitor

Infant Optics DXR-5 2.4 GH comes with the best visual monitoring, according to reviews and the popularity of this best selling baby monitor. Another popular choice is the Angelcare baby monitor that also comes with a motion detector.

Best Baby Monitor


3. Earth’s Best Organic Infant Formula

Earth’s Best organic formula for infants is the perfect choice for those looking for something healthy and natural for their baby. USDA organic and Kosher certified excellent source of iron, zinc, six B vitamins Developed to pattern after breast milk containing high quality protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and also DHA & ARA for baby’s brain and eye development.  No growth hormones, antibiotics, steroids or potentially harmful pesticides or herbicides to worry about either.

Natural Organic Infant Forumula


4. Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes

There is no other way to put it, baby’s just love this musical toy. Your baby infant with fall in love with Baby Einstein’s take along tunes toy and want to take it with them wherever they go. ;) The buttons are easy to press and toggle to play seven classical music melodies such as Mozart, Vivaldi and Rossini. Along with the auditory tunes your baby will also enjoy the colorful light display that dances across the screen.

Baby Einsteins take along tunes


5. Sophie the Giraffe Baby Teether

Sophie the Giraffe is a teething toy that has gained a lot of popularity over the years. With a track record of fifty years, Sophie has continually been bought and loved by mothers. This teething toy is made of 100% natural rubber and food paint, so it is completely safe to chew. The soft texture and various chewable parts (ears, legs, etc.) make this a wonderful item for soothing a baby’s sore gums during teething.

Sophie the Giraffe


6. The Snotsucker Nasal Aspirator

Nosefrida This doctor-developed and doctor-recommended nasal aspirator is the pretty much the standard for keeping babies naturally snot free. Ingeniously simple Swedish design features a tube that is placed against the nostril (not inside). Parents use their own suction to draw mucus out of their child’s nose. Disposable filters prevent any bacterial transfer. Nosefrida is easy to clean, dishwasher safe, and BPA and Phthalate free.

Nosefrida The Snotsucker Nasal Aspirator


7. Fisher-Price Rainforest Melodies and Lights Deluxe Gym

This baby gym is one of the most popular and best selling available. Tons of stuff to keep your baby entertained and happy with jungle characters like giraffes and monkeys :) Comes with tunes, spinner with rattling beads, spinning butterflies, shiny mirror, crinkly leaf for peek-a-boo fun, movable and stationary activity toys.

Ficher Price Jungle Gym


8. Munchkin Backseat Organizer  

As a new parent, anything that helps with organization you will want to utilize after you realize how messy and cluttered things can get with a one little ol’ baby. It is amazing. With this Munchkin backseat organizer you can neatly organize all your car baby essentials with ease!

baby car backseat organizer


9. My Little Snugabunny Cradle N Swing

Parents love this baby swing! This baby product has over 1000 reviews at Amazon, with the majority of them being positive. That is a lot of reviews for a product on Amazon! Certainly shows the extent of its popularity. This swing has tons of features and will soothe and entertain your baby for you while you take a nice rest ;) 

My Little Snugabunny Cradle 'n Swing


10. Kiinde Kozii Bottle Warmer

The Kozii though uses a low temperature, nutrient-safe water bath – safe for ALL bottle and bag types. Unlike conventional steam heat, a method that can reach very high temperatures, this is a non-steam bottle warmer. The water in the Kiinde Kozii is reaches temperatures no higher than that of warm tap water. (read more)

Best Baby Bottle Warmer

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