Holiday Gift Ideas for a New Family


Holidays take on a new meaning when there is a new baby around. are eager to include a new baby into their family traditions so they can be passed down to further generations. Sometimes this can cause friction, but most often people have good intentions.

While getting gifts for a new baby can be a lot of fun, babies have no concept of what is going on and the entire holiday festivities can be very overwhelming for them.

Instead of focusing exclusively on a baby’s first holiday session, consider celebrating the family as a whole or marking the new parents first holiday season as a mother and father.

Here are some ideas to help:

  • A couple’s massage. Welcoming a new baby is a lot of work and self-care can go out the window. A couples massage can help refocus the new parents and rejuvenate their spirits. When a parents take care of themselves they can be better take care of their families. New parents often lose part of their connection during the baby days. A massage can give a couple time to reconnect and nurture their relationship. Having a baby can be very stressful on relationships; it can be hard to find the time to put the effort into a relationship to keep it strong.
  • A Date Night. In the same vein as a couples massage, allowing the new parents to nurture their relationship is a huge gift. A pretty printed certificate for a night of babysitting and a gift certificate for a favorite restaurant can make the best gift ever. It is so relaxing to sit and eat and have conversations that do not involve children.
  • A Grocery Delivery Service Gift Card. Going to the grocery store (or even thinking about going to the store) with a new baby somehow can turn a peaceful sleeping infant into a screaming meltdown of tears and glass shattering shrieks. Also, babies seem to have some sort of reflex that cause them to fill their pants, spit up, or get hungry etc., when parents are trying to leave the house. By using a grocery delivery service, parents can shop from the living room, in pajamas at 3 am and no one will think anything of it. Many grocery delivery services take coupons now and are competitively priced. Grocery delivery services are particularly useful when there is inclement or extreme weather. No one wants to take a brand new baby out in subzero temperatures or in heat indices of well over one hundred degrees.
  • Keurig or other single serving coffee machine is another gift idea. Sleep deprivation is a very real part of life with a new baby. Making a full pot of coffee can be impractical and wasteful. By using a single serving brewer, parents can have a quick cup of coffee without feeling obligated to drink the whole pot.Using singe serving machines also allows parents to try new flavors without committing to several pounds of coffee. Give it with a sample pack of flavors and pretty mugs or travel cups to complete the gift.
  • Another favorite and unique gift is a certificate for a cleaning service or a landscaping service. Keeping house is hard enough without adding a new baby and recovering from delivery. Instead of spending time cleaning or cutting grass, families can spend time together forming great bonds that will last for years.
  • Nice cozy pajamas are another great gift. It’s so comforting to change into extra cozy pajamas at the end of a day (or never change out of). Relaxing on the couch watching a show is better when comfy and warm. Slippers are a good add on idea to keep parents feet warm inside on cold winter nights.
  • museum or zoo membership. Lot of people buy things for new babies and families. Things need to be cleaned up, stored, and too many things just makes a mess. Giving a museum membership or a zoo membership is a great idea because it gives something for the family to do together outside of the home and it doesn’t need to be stored or cleaned up.
  • The next gift idea is pretty basic, but it is often overlooked- a family photo session. Kids grow and change every day sometimes it seems like they grow a full size overnight. Looking at how much they change in a relatively short period of time is amazing- they go from little sweet babies, to adorable toddlers, to mischievous preschoolers- seemingly in an instant. Watching their hair go from soft wispy baby hair to kid hair, watching their features change and develop is wonderful, by giving a photo session these memories will be preserved and then treasured by future generations.
  • Another great gift idea is a family ornament. They can be easily customized and ordered on craft sites such as They can be made in almost any theme- so a family that has a favorite sports team or a favorite movie can be used as the base theme. A lot of families have a series of family ornaments to show the growth of the family- getting a new one each year. Ask to make sure that the baby has his or her “My First Christmas” ornament, if not, that is a perfect gift.

The holidays are fast approaching and choosing gifts for everyone can be terribly stressful. New parents can be even harder to shop for than normal as they often have priorities that are shifting. By taking some of the suggestions above and modifying them to suit individuals needs and tastes gift givers can be sure that their gift will be appreciated.

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