How to Choose a Toy For Your Baby

Choosing a Baby Toy   Buying toys for a baby seems like an easy gig. Just search through Toys R’ Us and grab the first shiny, colorful thing you see, right?

Not right.  You should never make shopping for baby toys this simple!

Whether you are a parent shopping for toys for Christmas or a friend of a parent shopping for a baby shower, there are some things to take into consideration before purchasing just any ol’ toy; namely, safety.

Safety is the primary factor you should take into account when looking for a baby toy. Not all manufacturers are reliable and frankly, some are downright hazardous.

Beware of those super cheap deals you find. They may seem tempting to your checking account but often cheap toys will be unsafe due to poor design or faulty assembly (companies trying to cut their bottom line).

If a toy is not made well there is a risk of parts falling apart and becoming a choking hazard.

Not all cheap toys are bad though, just research the manufacturer and ensure that it is a quality brand. The Baby Einstein Bendy Ball is a good example of an affordable baby toy that is created by a reliable and trusted brand.

You should also be wary of toys that contain small pieces, magnets or batteries. There are horrible stories of children who have swallowed button batteries.

If the toy you want does contain batteries, check and double check that the batteries are securely locked in the toys and cannot be accidentally removed by your little one.

When searching for the right baby toy you should also always keep mind of the age group of the toy.

They printed on the package for a reason and you should heed its instructions.

If something is on sale that is beyond your child’s age group, you can still buy it and simply wait until they are old enough to play with it.

This article isn’t meant to scare the bejesus out of you, just a reminder to be cautious when you are out shopping for baby toys.

A reputable store like Wal-mart may be selling a certain baby product but that product is made by fallible companies that contain fallible people making those products.

Just keep this in mind when shopping and always do your due diligence of researching manufacturers and brands.

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