Must-Have Baby Products For Your First Year


Alright, so you’re ready to gear up for your baby’s first year.  Where to start?!

There are thousands of baby products you could buy BUT before you go spending your money on all those baby gizmos, toys and such you must get your hands on these must have baby products first.

Must Haves First Year

Below are the must-have baby items for your baby’s first year..

Clothing For Infants

Obviously you will need to clothe your baby  and boy are there a ton of crazy cute clothes out there. It is easy to go overboard on buying cute tiny baby clothes. As for what you need for baby clothes, you need; baby onesies, shirts, leggings, socks, shoes or booties – also, some baby pajamas, burp bips and hats and mittens for cold weather. Click here for more on baby clothes!


Breastfeeding Gear and Feeding Accessories

You’ll definitely want to invest in a good breastpump as well as feeding accessories such as durable BPA-free baby bottles and nursing pillow. As your baby gets older he or she will require more feeding gear such as a high chair, but for now you only need to worry about breastfeeding and/or baby food for infants.


Health & Safety Products

Some parents will go crazy buying health and safety products for babies but a basic first aid kit for babies will only require a baby thermometer, bulb syringe for suctioning mucous, eye dropper or medicine spoon, pain reliever/fever reducer medicine, hydrogen peroxide and mall gauzes to clean wounds,teethers & teething relief,  a small flashlight to check ears, nose, throat, and eyes.

Check out Baby Center’s first aid shopping list for a nice long list of more first aid items. It is also extremely important to baby proof your home.


Bathing & Hygiene Products

It is very important to keep your baby clearn and hygeinic, but you must be gentle and use bathing products designed for babies. You’ll need a baby bathtub, baby shampoo/body wash, bath towels, washclothes, baby nail clippers and grooming kit.


Baby Products for Sleeping

Of course you are going to need to invest in a baby crib with a nice mattress, sheets and waterproof matress covers, baby mobiles for your baby, pacifier (but read this first) and a few receiving blankets. I also recommend investing in a nice nursing chair for those inevitable late nights swaying your baby back to sleep.


Baby Gear For Traveling

Unless you are superwoman and can hold a baby in your arms all day, you’ll want to buy some nice traveling gear. Baby carriers can come as slings or as full body strap ons to secure your baby to you. A baby stroller is also a must buy, and boy are there a ton of strollers to choose from! Read our guide on buying the perfect stroller for you. And of course you will need a baby car seat if you drive, and must comply with all the rules and safety regulations in your state.


Entertainment & Toys

This isn’t really a necessity but its always great to buy some toys and entertainment things for your baby. There are tons of toys out there for infants, baby mobiles designed to visually stimulate and spur curiosity, educational toys and more. This should be last on your list however, as you must have the first year baby products ready to go when your little one arrives.

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