Philips AVENT iQ Bottle and Baby Food Warmer


Phillip Avent iqThe Philips AVENT iQ Bottle and Baby Food Warmer is one of the more expensive bottle warmers on the market – though not as expensive as the Kiinde Kozii – but the reason for that higher cost is because of the additional features and extra convenience, speed and efficiency that this warmer offers that others simply do not.

With the iQ bottle warmer all you have to do is enter in some basic info (grams or mL, freeze, frozen or room temperature) and just let the iQ warmer take over and calculate the time needed to warm the contents of your baby’s bottle evenly and accurately every time.

{some bottle warmers give you a chart to use, while some don’t give you anything at all. The latter is something you probably don’t want. The accuracy and warming would vary every time and may become hazardous.}

This particular bottle warmer warms the contents of the bottle very quickly, usually only taking less than two minutes to finish for whatever you give it – as fast a 1 min & 30 seconds in some cases.

Depends on the amount and whether it is frozen or refrigerated.  This makes the Avent iQ one of the fastest warmers out there, if not the fastest bottle warmer. {I have never personally come across a faster model. If one comes along I’ll update this page with the info.}

Additional features include an interactive digital display, auto-shut off (so the bottledoesn’t over-heat) and sound alerts. It requires little water, however, a measuring cup for the water is not provided with the package.

The unit is very light, which may actually become a problem. e.g., if you try to work it with one hand while holding your baby in the other hand (i.e., you may need to hold the unit with both hands so you can push the buttons without it sliding).

You can easily get around this problem though by putting the bottle warmer against the counter wall so it doesn’t push back when you operate it. The warmer is approximately 1.5 pounds and measures 9.4 inches in height and around 6 inches in width & length.

Overall this is a very good product that will definitely help you out and make feeding your little ones very easy and very fast. The warmer is durable and will reliably heas bottles quickly and evenly every time.

*Accepts all Avent bottles (bottles not included), VIA bottles and baby food jars

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