Setting Up Your Newborn Baby’s Crib


Parents put so much thought into planning their baby’s nursery.  From the colors to the decorations, part of this is choosing the best crib, mattress & other crib accessories for your baby to sleep safely and soundly.

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Individual nations, states, provinces and their agencies, set standards for the safety of cribs and they have changed over the past few years.  Some places have banned drop side cribs for safety.  Others have banned crib bumpers.  Agencies also limit the distance between the slats on the crib sides.

Among the considerations that parents need to consider is the mattress they choose for the crib.  Far and away, the most important thing to ensure, is that the mattress fits the crib frame snuggly so that no baby can get stuck.

There are several types of mattresses to select from, organic, latex, or foam, etc.  There are options for innerspring mattresses or foam mattresses, there is more to think about than when purchasing your own mattress!

Bestselling Baby Mattresses

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After spending all of that time and money on a mattress, the last thing that you would want to happen, is to have it ruined by a spill, a leaky diaper, or spit up.  To prevent this make sure you have a few waterproof covers for your crib mattress, (3 or so is good) this way one can be on the bed, another in the wash, and have a spare- just in case.

Recommended Waterproof Crib Covers

Sealy Stain Protection Crib Mattress Pad Colgate Organic Cotton Crib Fitted Mattress Cover Serta Deluxe Waterproof Mattress Cover


Another thing you’ll need are crib sheets.  These come in patterns and colors more numerous that can be named.  They also like in different thread counts just like regular bed sheets- I never really paid attention to that though.  They can also be purchased as organic or conventionally made.  Organic is more expensive than conventional of course, depending on how important organic products are, it may be worth the cost.  You’ll need a few of these too, as sheets need to be changed pretty often.

Cool Crib Sheet Designs

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New parents are often concerned with making sure their little one stays warm in bed.  But it is not recommended that infants be given a comforter or pillow to sleep with for the first year or so.  This is because there is thought to be some risk of suffocation associated with them.  A light breathable blanket thought to be good enough.

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Along the same lines, research does indicate that infants sleep best in cooler settings, the renown Dr. Alan Greene recommends that babies be in a room between 65 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal sleep.

Contrary to popular belief, silence is not helpful for newborns’ to sleep.  In the womb they heard sounds 24 hours a day, seven days a week; from the sounds of mother’s digestion to her heartbeat and voice, the womb is not a quiet place.  Sometimes white noise, such as a vacuum, fan or even a white noise machine can really improve the quality of your babies’ sleep.

More Baby Crib Accessories

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Baby Crib Mobile
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Babies love the familiar. Like the white ambient noise, most babies love being snuggled close.  In the womb the last few months there is not a lot of room to move around- after birth you can recreate this by swaddling.  Not all babies like this, of course, but it’s worth a try.  Good swaddling skills are developed over time.

If you have never swaddled a baby, have the nurse at the hospital or your midwife give you a quick lesson.  There are blankets on the market that have Velcro or other ways to secure them to make swaddling easier- but I have never used them.  Regular old receiving blankets worked well for us.

Another way to help your baby sleep is to help support their circadian rhythms.  You can do this by dimming the lights an hour or so before bed.  You can do this in your living area before you even begin your bedtime routine.  It signals to your baby that it is time to settle down on a biological level.

Babies get up a lot in the first few months overnight, so don’t be expecting long stretches of uninterrupted sleep for a while.  It is only this way for a short time, so bear that in mind during the early days. Learn more about sleeping with your newborn baby.

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