Tools For Fighting Postpartum Depression (Baby Blues)

A problem new mothers may face after having a baby that is not widely known (by people who aren’t mothers) or talked about is what a lot of people call the ‘baby blues’. This experience of feeling down & depressed after giving birth is actually quite common and is a known medical condition called Postpartum Depression.

postpartum depression

What is Postpartum Depression?

Due to hormonal adjustments that occur during and after pregnancy, many mothers are burdened with a (temporary) depression following childbirth. The common causes are from the combination of hormonal changes, psychological adjustment to motherhood, fatigue or a recent emotional life-changing event.

There is a great TED video on this, Rufus Griscom + Alisa Volkman: Let’s talk parenting taboos.

What can I do about it?

One way to help the fight against postpartdum depression is to buy Jammies by Hélene Lauré.

Ten percent of every sale of this infant sleepwear will be donated to Postpartum Progress Inc. Created to help mothers with postpartum depression, postpartum anxiety, postpartum psychosis, postpartum OCD, postpartum PTSD and depression during pregnancy.

What else you can do about it?

One of the best ways to help get through this depression is to exercise and eat healthy. Treat your body right and you will adjust better and balance out. Seriously, don’t underestimate this simple and easy tip!

There is more.. Here is a list of 45 of the best tools to use to fight baby blues Thanks to the kind misses Katherine Stone who compiled together this list! Katherine has a great blog for new mothers suffering from the baby blues.

20 of the Tools You Can Use to Fight Postpartum Depression

1. Sunglasses. Designer, preferably.

2. Baseball cap and/or dry shampoo.

3. Sweat pants. Or yoga pants. Or pants with an elastic waistband. ROOMY. PANTS.

4. Actually, get seven pairs of yoga pants so that way you can skip laundry for a whole week.

5. A “piss off” sign to hang on the door.

6. Chocolate in the form of brownies, M&Ms, ice cream, raw cookie dough, chocolate pie, swiss cake rolls … whatever it takes.

7. An empty health food bag to shove your chocolate in when someone’s coming.

8. Pony tail holders.

9. Bright red lipstick, to dazzle, disorient, distract and deceive.

10. Waterproof makeup. Like you’re going to put on makeup …

11. Coffee.

12. Better yet, an espresso IV drip for a continuous source of caffeine to stay awake.

13. Listerine breath strips, for when brushing your teeth is not an option.

14. Extended paternity leave.

15. Microfiber cloth to clean the spattered salt of dried tears off of your eyeglasses.

16. Grey’s Anatomy marathon so it doesn’t seem as strange to sit on the couch all day crying.

17. Comedy.

18. Take-out food for when you just. Cannot. Cook. Another. Meal.

19. Memorizing your credit card number so you can order take-out from the car or wherever you are.

20. A punching bag or pillow for when the rage of postpartum depression is overwhelming.

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