What to Look For in a Baby Monitor


Angelcare-Ac11001One quick google search and you’ll soon find out there are a TON of baby monitors out there. How should you compare?

In days past, parents were limited to monitoring sounds from another room. These days you have that and much more. Not only can you keep tabs on audio, but you can actually visually see your baby with some monitors and even detect the tiniest of movement (breathing) to make sure everything is okay.

Obviously the video and movement monitors will be more costly, so you’ll have to choose what you are most comfortable with. You could choose an audio-only monitor, a sound and movement monitor, a sound and video monitor, or one with all three.

What are the most important features to look for in a monitor?

When browsing for a baby monitor there tons of things to consider, but the most important is range, battery life, and sound/video quality. And sound quality includes both the sound clarity and reception.

Your monitor could be affected by interference from a cordless telephone and also if your neighbors use a monitor that transmits on the same channel as your model (you can get one with multiple channels). Digital monitors are the better than analogue for avoiding interference.

List of Comparing Features

Number of extra handheld parent units

Battery life (and if it is rechargeable)

For Audio

Sound clarity



Number of channels of operation

Activation and continuous sound reception

Two way (Walkie-talkie) feature

Number of channels of operation

For Video

Vision clarity

Number of additional cameras that can be added


Infared Night vision

Audio only option

Zooming option

For Movement 

Sensitivity of the movement sensor

Number of seconds the sensor should wait after sensing no movement before sounding alarm

Temperature sensor

Most of the respective types of baby monitors will have these features to choose from in varying degrees and combinations. Some offer a number of ‘nice to have’ perks that can by pretty cool, such as sound-activated lights and music. You find some that even let you to load your own lullabies to help your baby sleep. Other features may include a built-in timer function to remind you of your daily tasks such as feeding. No doubt there will be more (some might say frivolous) perks to choose from in the coming years, but remember, the most important factors to consider are range, battery life, and sound/video quality.

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